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  1.   “Environmental Heresies proposed that environmentalists will change their mind and their behavior about four major subjects in the next ten years—urbanization, population, genetic modification, and nuclear power.  It was printed in Technology Review in May 2005.  An expanded version was published in the June, 2006, issue of Conservation in Practice.

  2.   City Planetwas a long piece spelling out the surprisingly good news emerging from rampant urbanization—1.3 million people a week, net, moving to cities, most of them in self-organizing “squatter cities” in the developing world.  Printed in the Spring 2006 issue of Strategy + Business.

  3.   Warm review of Vernor Vinge’s book, RAINBOWS END. In the July 2006 Technology Review.

  4.   “Learning from the Earthquake,” from the Spring 1990 Whole Earth Review (a shorter version was earlier in the San Francisco Chronicle), has become the most reprinted and cited thing I’ve written, because it spells out in detail and drama what volunteers actually do in emergencies, and how crucial and under-utilized they are.  It has become a textbook case.